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We are the Soil Company, a band of desperadoes who are out to save the planet.   Our motto is, *sometimes, being a hero means helping in small ways.*   And that is what we aspire to do:  help in small ways.   Small, dirty ways.    Very dirty.   There aren’t many things smaller and dirtier than worm poo-poo, and so we have found our natural level there.

We, the members of the Soil Company collective, are friends who live in Tokyo, one of the modern world’s many exciting cities.   We love living in our city, and we are proud of it’s not-so-long-ago feudal history as the pre-modern world’s biggest, most sustainable metropolis.    We want to help Tokyo become the modern world’s most green, sustainable city.   We want to small, dirty ways.   Very dirty.  Very, very dirty.

One problem with modern Tokyo that must be solved is food waste.  Left-over food from restaurants, home kitchens, and other places, is collected everyday by a large logistics network and incinerated.   In the ideal city, food waste would be turned into compost to use to grow food.  And the truly ideal city would employ worms to do the composting–and the worms could be used to feed chickens, for example, or even fish in aquaponics.

We believe that implementing and spreading this scheme is just one component that is necessary to sustainable cities of the future.   Just one small component.   One small, dirty component.   Very dirty.   Very, very dirt.

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